5 Feb 2014

Use Case: Spatial R & Google Earth for Terrain Analyses

I'd like to share code that uses spatial R and Google Earth for terrain analyses. In this example I took SRTM data at 1" resolution from http://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html#alps read it into R did a little processing and finally wrapped it up in a KML-file that I use as ground-overlay in Google Earth. In fact I eventually converted it into a sqlitedb with MAPC2MAPC for usage on a mobile device.

See the code here on github..


  1. It look like great !! I would like to find time for playing with your script! Thank's

  2. cool. thanx for sharing what looks like a totally reproducable code via gihub.

  3. Sorry, the github link was broken, as noticed by a user recently - I just fixed that!