3 Mar 2014

Use Case: Make Contour Lines for Google Earth with Spatial R

Here's comes a script I wrote for creating contour lines in KML-format to be used with Google Earth http://github.com/gimoya/theBioBucket-Archives/blob/master/R/contours_for_google_earth.R

If you want to check or just use the datasets I created for the Alps region, you can download it here: http://terrain-overlays.blogspot.co.at/index.html


  1. Dear Kay,

    your little R script looks very interesting to me.
    I am part of a group living since one year in Uruguay. We are living on a 40ha property and plan to install a permaculture farm.
    For the layout we are now using Google Earth and our smartphones with GPS tracking to gain some overview.
    Just the contour lines are really difficult to fill in especially since we would need contourlines in like 10-20m distances.

    Would you mind giving me a little hint how to make a KML file with contours using R?

    Would be fantastic to hear from you.



    1. Hi, send me a kml with the area of interest and I will see what I can do! Kay.cichini@gmail.com