2 Dec 2014

QspatiaLite Use Case: Connect Points with Same ID with Line Using the QspatiaLite Plugin

Another short example illustrating the effectiveness of geoprocessing with SpatiaLite, using the great QGIS-plugin QspatialLite.

  • We have a point-layer with an ID column ("Birds"), with each ID occuring twice, each ID representing an individual. The Ids should be used as start- & end-nodes for the connecting lines. Note that this also would apply if there were more than two points - then the same query could be used to connect all bird individual's points to a line by the order in each group!

  • We want each set of points, grouped by ID, to be connected. This is easily achieved by importing the points to a SpatiaLite-DB with the QspatiaLite plugin and running a very simple query:

        makeline(Geometry) AS geom
    FROM Birds

  • Load the result to QGIS and that's it!

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