25 Apr 2015

Offline Map Tiles with Mapbox-Studio and MOBAC

I just found I neat workaround on how to get your Mapbox projects (Mapbox is a free, fully customizeable Tool for map design) to any local tile storage format that it also available in MOBAC (MOBAC is a free software for the creation of local map tiles from variable sources, in a bunch of different formats, to be used on almost any mobile device)!

  • Get Mapbox-Studio and design your custom map
  • Upload your project to mapbox
  • Create an account and connect to it
  • Get your username, project ID and an access token, which are put to the URL for fetching the tiles back from the Mapbox server: http://api.tiles.mapbox.com/v4/your_username.your_project_id/{$z}/{$x}/{$y}.png?access_token=your_private_or_public_api_key

  • Use the following XML (replacing user, project ID and access token) for a custom mapsource in MOBAC.

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