25 Aug 2012

Toy Example with GScholarScraper_3.1

A commentator on my blog brought up this nice idea of how to use the GScholarScraper function for bibliometrics..
I altered the code a little bit which enables to set a year since when results should be returned and added a field to the output collecting the year of publication. With this you can simply do something like this:

input <- "intitle:metapopulation"
df <- GScholar_Scraper(input, since = 1980, citation = 1)
hist(df$YEAR, xlab = "Year", 
     main = "Frequency of Publications with\n\"METAPOPULATION\" in Title")

22 Aug 2012

Web-Scraper for Google Scholar Updated!

I have updated the Google Scholar Web-Scraper Function GScholarScaper_2 to GScholarScraper_3 (and GScholarScaper_3.1) as it was outdated due to changes in the Google Scholar html-code. The new script is more slender and faster. It returns a dataframe or optionally a CSV-file with the titles, authors, publications & links. Feel free to report bugs, etc.

Update 11-07-2013: bug fixes due to google scholar code changes - https://github.com/gimoya/theBioBucket-Archives/blob/master/R/Functions/GScholarScraper_3.2.R. Note that since lately your IP will be blocked by Google at about the 1000th search result (cumulated) - so there's not much fun when you want to do some extensive bibliometrics..

11 Aug 2012

Tcl/Tk GUI Example with Variable Input by User

I recently used R with GUI-elements for the first time and browsed through the available online resources, but I didn't quite find what I was searching for: The user should be able to put in some variables and call a function with a button. In the end I did it with a little help from SO. Here is the working example that I eventually plugged together: