23 Sept 2011

Nice Species Distribution Maps with GBIF-Data in R

Here's an example of how to easily produce real nice distribution maps from GBIF-data in R with package maps...

ArcGis Style with Marker Symbols for Tetrao tetrix & T. urogallus

...lately I designed two nice symbol markers for Tetrao spp. in vector fromat - they are for free download here.

20 Sept 2011

Picture Marker Symbols in ArcGis with Vector Format

Ever wanted to add pictures as marker symbols in ArcGis? ..then you may have noticed that raster images look poor in an ArcGis map no matter how high the resolution of the input image is...

Use of Classification Trees to Investigate Traits of Invasive Species

Which traits make an alien species invasive?
Due to what traits an alien species becomes established in a foreign flora?

This kind of questions could be analysed by the use of recursive partitioning and classification trees..
(the below example also includes some useful data manipulation techniques)...

16 Sept 2011

Match Words in MS-Word File with Words in another File and Apply New Format Using VBA

I present a macro that I wrote for re-formatting scientific species names (it is common to use italic fonts for that) in a Word file. Therefore I used a database of central European species names - this is compared with the words in my file and matches are re-formatted...

12 Sept 2011

Search Google Definition for Words in an Excel-File Using VBA

I have a glossary of words held in an excel-workbook. For getting instant definitions from Google I wrote a small macro which does this for me with one click.

This is how it is done: